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Off Piste team course Physiotherapy Services

At Ennis Physiotherapy Clinic we offer services to


Teams / Clubs

Business / Industry

For accurate diagnosis and treatment always ensure you have a Chartered Physiotherapist treat your injury.

All patients undergo a detailed assessment of available movements, of flexibility and of balance etc to determine the cause of the pain or other problems which is then followed by an appropriate course of treatment.  

The methods of treatment available are amongst the most up to date.  They may be used separately or in combination.  The choice of treatments includes the following;

Prompt assessment and treatment of acute or recent injuries is guaranteed – usually within one day (24 hours) of contacting the clinic.  

Treatment times and programmes are tailored to suit an individual patient’s requirements.

Appointments outside of normal clinic hours are possible by prior arrangement with the therapist in the clinic.

Home visits within the greater Ennis area are possible by arrangement but do attract attract a small additional charges.  

For Further information contact the Ennis Physio Clinic directly.

Team Services

Physiotherapy support is available for clubs + Teams.  Preferred Clubs + Teams benefit from discounted Fees by prior agreement.

Clubs and teams can benefit from working directly with a chartered physiotherapist.  In addition to the services indicated for individuals sports men + women arrangements can be made to provide;

To discuss your club or team’s needs contact

Fintan O’Donnell  at Ennis Physiotherapy Clinic

Expert advice to Employers, and Employees, is available through our Health and Safety Consultancy Services. These are delivered in a client centred manner, attending to the specific needs of the client, and are particularly suited to the SME sector.  

Health and Safety services include;

  1. VDU / Display Screen Workstations
  2. General Workplaces / workstations
  3. Manual Handling Task Analysis
  4. Functional Capacity Evaluations

Contact Fintan O’Donnell for more information

Individual Services Health & Safety Services Hamstring Stretch knee unsupported Fintan O'Donnell Lecturing

Scope of Practice

Using knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, Chartered Physiotherapists assess and treat conditions and illnesses that adversely affect movement & activity in people of all ages and social groups, especially those occurring in the workplace or on the sports field.  Many Chartered Physiotherapists choose to specialise in one or more aspects of practice but all are dedicated to the same goals:

1. To help people achieve their full potential following injury, pain or disability

2. To provide a service that is accessible, effective and humanitarian

3. To continue to undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) training and are committed to scientific research as the basis of out work.

4. To provide a service that is based on high standards of care and practice

Always ensure that you look for a Chartered Physiotherapist to treat your injury.

Treatment Methods Available

The following is a summary of the treatment modalities available at Ennis Physiotherapy Clinic.  It is important to note that a typical treatment session may include more than one modality.  

  1. Physical Therapies - Joint Manipulation + Exercise Programmes
  2. Sports Injury Rehab - Functional Exercise
  3. Individualised exercise programme
  4. Gait + Balance Re-education
  5. Trigger Point Therapy + Dry Needling
  6. Remedial Massage
  7. Orthopaedic, and other, Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  8. Postural Assessment + Correction
  9. Ergonomic Assessment and Solutions
  10. Muscle Balance Assessment + enhancement of strength and endurance
  11. Electrotherapy  - Ultrasound, Interferential, biofeedback
  12. Ergonomic Assessment + Implementation of Ergonomic Solutions

For more detailed information please click here.

In every case, our approach is based on our 4-step process:

which is a proven approach for a successful recovery.  For more information click here