1. Physical Therapies
  1. Sports Injury & Massage treatments
  2. Post Surgery / Fracture Rehabilitation
  3. Postural Assessment + Correction
  4. Muscle Balance Assessment
  5. Enhancement of Strength and Endurance
  6. Electrotherapy / Dry Needling
  7. Ergonomic Assessment + Solutions
  8. Injury Prevention
  9. Support Strapping + Taping

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Expert advice through our H + S Consultancy Service. These are  client centred and are particularly suitable for the SME sector.  

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Health + Safety Services

Physiotherapy support is available for clubs + Teams.  

Clubs and teams will benefit from working directly with a Chartered Physiotherapist.  

Individual Treatment

Pre-season screening

Injury management / treatment

Advice on Return to Sport

Adapted Rehabilitation Training

Consult with Team Manager+Coaches

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Services for Sport

Chartered Physiotherapists use knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to assess and treat conditions that adversely affect movement in people of all ages.  

Many Chartered Physiotherapists specialise in one or more aspects of practice but all are dedicated to:

Always ensure that you seek a Chartered Physiotherapist to treat your injury

Scope of Practice

€50 per session    

Duration: 1 hour approx

Payment options include

Fees may be eligible for cover by health insurance providers depending on the policy terms and conditions.

Tax relief of fees paid may be claimed by submitting a Med1 form to the Revenue Commissioners - available at www.revenue.ie

Professional Fees


Website: www.ennisphsioclinic.ie


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